Myo (muscle) therapy is a deep tissue treatment focusing on the cause of pain and not just treating the symptoms of pain. We treat soft tissue structures (muscle, tendon, ligament & fascia) and use a number of techniques such as deep tissue massage, cupping (eliminates toxins), dry needling (trigger point stimulation) to help restore the function to these structures where there is a dysfunction.

Trigger points within a muscle is an example of a muscle dysfunction giving you local, referred pain or tenderness to an area which can limit your strength and flexibility to the affected area.


what do MYOTHERAPists do?

Myotherapists will take a thorough history followed by appropriate testing required for your condition to assess where the pain is coming from and why it's happening. We will then use appropriate techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, cupping (eliminates toxins) or dry needling  (trigger point stimulation) depending on how you present at the time of the consultation.

Myotherapists treat trigger points (knots) which can cause you pain locally or give you referred pain.

At the end of your treatment if the therapist feels it is required you will be given some take home advice, whether it be corrective exercises, stretches or strengthening exercises.

Further information can be found on the Myotherapy Association Austraila Website.

Dysfunction to a muscle can be caused by misuse or overload to an area of muscle or muscle groups arising from occupational, sporting or recreational activities. ie: poor posture at a desk job causing the person to slump putting more load on the neck muscles which can then cause headaches.Type your paragraph here.